Zika Virus to Create Catastrophic Disturbances

Sep, 2021 - By SMI

Zika Virus to Create Catastrophic Disturbances

India, second highly populated country reports Zika virus cases, government officials and health authorities are taking special care in populated cities.

The Union Health Ministry has sent an equipped team to Maharashtra to control the Zika virus situation and support the State government in management of infections. Recei, a case of Zika has been reported in Pune district.

Insects and species like mosquitoes usually born and multiply in hot and humid climate near tropics. Equatorial regions are the best breeding grounds for their larvae. In 1947, it was identified that it prevailed in monkeys in Uganda. This was the reason of first human getting infected in Nigeria in 1954. It further speeded and spreaded in South East Asia and area near Pacific Islands. In 2015, it was declared as epidemic in Brazil.

Zika is spread by a species of mosquitoes called Aedesaegypti. This mosquito is most active during the day. Although the main reason behind the spread of these virus is mosquito but it can be transmitted sexually too. Symptoms of this disease include muscle and joint pain, malaise, a rash, headache and conjunctivitis. It lasts for about two to seven days. Few people may die from Zika but only one in five people infected are thought to develop symptoms. As there is no particular treatment available presently, prevention of getting bitten is the only way to avoid the disease.

If a pregnant woman is affected with zika virus it may result in infants to be born with microcephaly (head size smaller than usual size) and other congenital developmental problems, known as congenital Zika syndrome.

WHO is providing its helping hand towards various infected countries by implementing ‘Zika Strategic Response Framework ‘.  It includes following outlines taken by World Health Organisation.To focus on research to prevent and control Zika spread, strengthen laboratory capacity to enable fast checkups, supporting globally for vector control, strengthen care and support for children and affected families.Thus, countries throughout the world are trying their best to be cautious beforehand only, rather than treating once affected. India have taken special actions to curb the spread after the detection of few cases.

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