World’s First Vehicle Built From Fossil-Free Steel

Nov, 2021 - By SMI

World’s First Vehicle Built From Fossil-Free Steel

Volvo group revealed the first ever vehicle made of SSAB’s fossil-free steel during the green steel collaboration event and announced more production of such vehicles in 2022.

Volvo group built a load carrier for mining and quarrying, which is also a beacon of greener vehicle construction since it’s built from SSAB’S fossil-free steel. As claimed, the world’s first vehicle made from fossil-free steel was unveiled at a green steel collaboration event, held on October 13, 2021 in Gothenburg. As per the company, there will be a small scale series manufacturing in 2022.

The Swedish outfit SSAB made the fossil-free steel that is used in the new load carrier of the Volvo. The production process replaced coal and coke with hydrogen as a reductant, and the blast furnace that is fired with coal and is used in conventional method of steel production was replaced with an electric alternative that uses renewable energy. As the company stated, the iron ore used in the production was obtained from fossil-free mining procedures. The resulting metal comes with same features as the steel produced from tradition methods without the use of fossil fuels. As estimated, the steel industry is responsible for 7 to 8% of the global carbon emission. The SSAB will be producing such fossil-free steel at a large scale from 2026.

As for Volvo, it is planning for a complete environmentally friendly business by 2050 and choosing a path towards development of sustainable transport as well as infrastructure solutions of the future. The collaboration between SSAB and Volvo shows efficiency of green transition. Both the companies will be working together to reduce climate impact and provide high-quality steel. The Volvo is planning to start manufacturing of a small series of vehicles made from fossil-free steel in 2022.

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