World’s First Infinity Train Charges Itself With The Use Of Gravity

Apr, 2022 - By SMI

World’s First Infinity Train Charges Itself With The Use Of Gravity

Fortescue and Williams Advance Engineering (WAE), and announced their first project, an electric ‘Infinity train’ that is designed for moving loads of iron ore without requiring charging

Fortescue, an Australian mining company is working on development of green solutions to sell others along with cleaning its own operation by 2030. Now the company announced acquisition of a UK-based company Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) and both company revealed their first project together, which is an electric ‘infinity train’ designed for moving iron ore loads without it requiring to be charged again.

As reported by the companies, the infinity train can be the most efficient battery electric locomotive in the world. Regenerating the electricity on the downhill loaded sections can eliminate the requirement for the installation of renewable energy production and recharging infrastructure. This makes it an economical solution for cutting the emissions and diesel from rail operations. The details of this new infinity train are not yet revealed, however, according to the Fortescue, there are plenty of downhill slope and braking opportunities in the direction to charge the battery with regeneration and the train will be so lightweight when it is not loaded that it can be taken back all the way to the mine and again start its next journey without requiring to be charged.

Overall the project seems intriguing and as it progresses there will come more fascinating information about the infinity train, such as its topological parameters that the train will work under, the information regarding whether the train can work in low-friction, wetter regions other than the West Australian desert etc. the Fortescue has a growing list of such green-tech projects. Moreover, the company is becoming a major player across the globe in production and distribution of green hydrogen, and the company is starting factory construction in Australia that is expected to increase its capacity of producing electrolyzer.

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