World’s Fastest Chargers Recharges EV In Less Than 15 Minutes

Oct, 2021 - By SMI

World’s Fastest Chargers Recharges EV In Less Than 15 Minutes

ABB launched a new Terra 360 modular charger that is capable of delivering 100km of range within minutes.

EV industry is witnessing various advancements that are improving efficiency of electric vehicles as well as their charging stations. Now ABB, a pioneering technology organization based in Switzerland introduced a novel charger called Terra 360, which is a modular charger that has capability of charging four vehicles simultaneously with dynamic power distribution. The charger is claimed to be world’s fastest electric vehicle charger having maximum output of 360 kW. The Terra 360 can fully charge any electric vehicle in less than 15 minutes. The charger is positioned as a solution for refuelling stations, urban charging stations and commercial EV fleets.

The demand for fast and convenient charging infrastructures for EV is increasing with growing policies of governments favouring electric vehicles and charging networks to fight climate change. The Terra 360 provides these demands and accelerates adoption of electric vehicle across the world. The new charger consists customizable LED lighting strip and 27-inch LCD display to direct the user and provide the information of their EVs which is optional. The 360 kW output of the charger takes 15 minutes or less to completely charge an electric car. It can add 100 km of range to the EV within less than three minutes. The Terra 360 has looks of a normal gas pump with four ports and cables with length of five meter which allows charging of 4 EV at the same time although at 90 Kw.

The advantages of this new EV charger will depend on user’s vehicle, as not all electric vehicle can handle this range of power output. The charging speed offered by the Terra 360 which is 350 kW is faster than latest superchargers of Tesla that provides 250kW peak rate. ABB’s new Terra 360 will be available in 2022 in the regions that include the USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

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