Utility of Food to Elevate the Immune System

Dec, 2021 - By SMI

Utility of Food to Elevate the Immune System

Eating good and healthy food including all types of nutrients in it boosts the immune system and helps fend off contagious diseases.

Dr. Simin Maydani, a scientist and head of nutritional immunopathology department states that what people consume is very essential as; what they eat results in the capacity of how well can they fight and protect themselves against a pathogen and it also shows how effectively the immune respond to any of the pathogens. It was also found in the study that people cannot become strong only by consuming any single nutrient in a huge. Intake of micro minerals such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C &D and zinc, selenium can help out the body resist against colds, illness and even the pandemic. Dietician says that substantial amount of classified foods are required to provide microelements to ascend a sturdy immune response. One should always try to pack the plate with nutrient rich food. A single nutrient can never help us compensate the interaction and interchange of amicable association of all the other nutrients.

Adding healthy oil, green leafy vegetables, fresh juicy fruits and an adequate quantity of shipshape whole grains in daily menu keeps the consumers fit. Focusing on fruits, beans, lentils and lettuce, seeds and other vegetables and avoiding the processed food helps one to distant themselves from major ailments such as hypertension or high-blood pressure. The Mediterranean diet can lessen the threat of dementia, amnesia, misery and cancer; wherein, leading to stronger bones, fit as flea heart and reducing weight. Sometimes, the immunity depends upon the age, personal fitness and emotional well-being. Meditating and doing exercise regularly, getting enough sleep, maintaining balanced weight can help one to defend from the diseases and makes the immune fit as a fiddle. In order to maximize the food ratio and make the immune well-built. One should avoid eating fat-loaded foods and sugary foods.  One should always try to receive the early sunshine to boost the immune.

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