Using Just One Blood Draw, Can Identify 50 Different Cancer Types

Sep, 2022 - By SMI

Using Just One Blood Draw, Can Identify 50 Different Cancer Types

Seven years ago, researchers at the San Diego-based DNA sequencing firm Illumina were looking for DNA snippets in pregnant women's blood that may indicate chromosomal abnormalities.

Unexpectedly, a pathologist found something in 10 of the blood samples during the investigation. Testing revealed aberrant DNA rather than chromosomal abnormalities. The researchers did not understand this. However, there was some concern that cancer may be at play.

Medical oncologist Dr. Ruth Oratz of the NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center in New York City thought this method was really intriguing. It would be "wonderful," according to Oratz, who was not involved in the study, to test for several malignancies with a single blood sample. We're not there yet, she said. Cancer screening is difficult, according to Oratz. Some people need to begin screening earlier, or have more frequent or different types of testing, for example, depending on their risk factors.

Who should be tested with any multi-cancer early detection test, how frequently they should be performed, or whether frequency should change depending on people's risk factors are all unknowns, according to Marinac. Both specialists emphasised the need of continuing with current screening procedures for conditions including colon, breast, and cervical cancers. Oratz advised discussing the tests you need to obtain with your doctor.

The United States has not yet authorised any early detection tests for many cancers. Drug Enforcement Agency. The FDA has generally not controlled Galleri, which is accessible for clinicians to order as a "laboratory created test," according to the U.S. American Cancer Society. Further study revealed that, despite the absence of any symptoms, one of the 10 subjects had actually been given a cancer diagnosis, and others in that subset also had the disease.

But patients may likely be responsible for paying for the test, the institute argues, and maybe any diagnostic tests necessary to follow up on a good result.

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