Use of Painkillers As Dosimeters Can Reduce Radioactive Emergency

Sep, 2021 - By SMI

Use of Painkillers As Dosimeters Can Reduce Radioactive Emergency

Keeping unpacked painkillers in pocket can save a person from harmful radioactive emissions.


Radioactive substances can prove safe if used with proper precautions. Yet they can prove hazardous when leaked into the environment. In such cases, it is difficult to find out the amount of dose intake by people. A Nuclear Physics Institute PAS has come up with a new remedy to this issue.


Ionizing radiation is found everywhere as it reaches from the sun and rock, building material, and bodies emit it. It has good use in modern medicine, science, and energy. But sometimes its intensity may affect nature or its forces may destroy the protective vessel of a reactor leading to havoc. IEEE Sensors Journal has shown a helpful study. It simply recommends keeping unpacked painkiller in a pocket and not taking it out in sunlight.


Emergency dosimeter is associated with strategies of measuring radiation doses that have medical significance. In the early stage, its effects were analyzed on outer used objects like the roof, bricks building, and objects carried regularly by people. And in studies, it was found that it affected equally to their owner as well.


A Smartphone, as it has parts made from dosimetric characteristics can be used for testing. Display glass and aluminum oxide used in resistors are examples. The painkillers had certain composition which protected against moisture and light and form factors harmful with a view of the dosimeter.


Dr. Mrozik elaborated on the use of painkillers because of their advantageous properties. When it is subjected to optically stimulated luminescence, it emitted a strong signal that was proportional to the absorbed dose of radiation. This was helpful to make a proper and dependable measurement. He also added that paracetamol and ibuprofen-based painkillers had the highest sensitivity.

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