Universe, a mobile website builder releases advanced controls and improved themes

Oct, 2021 - By SMI

Universe, a mobile website builder releases advanced controls and improved themes

GRID System II, the new upgrade, seeks to turn formerly complicated coding procedures into simple movements, making the website development process much easier.

Universe uses a simple grid structure to enable users to build a customized site or establish an e-commerce business without needing to know how to code. The platform provides users with a large grid into which they will then place material throughout the website building process, that is built on basic building elements. The latest update includes updated creative controls with an enhanced graphic interface that enables granular text spacing and control over block spacing in the grid. Users could now set the grid denser, with up to seven columns broad. Color selection tools have also been improved in the new UI.

Users of Universe could now choose from 30 different themes for their websites or design their own. Before the introduction of themes, each block was designed on an individual level. Users can now apply uniform design features across the font, page backgrounds, and button colors due to the creation of themes. Themes are added to all of the text, backgrounds, headlines, and colors on users' websites. New text styles are also available, allowing users to categorize text as headings, subtitles, captions, and more. Users could utilize the title indication to improve their site's SEO and accessibility. In addition, the new version adds a new layers function that allows users to stack blocks on top of one other. Previously, authors couldn't stack two blocks on top of each other, such as an image and a text block.

Universe has also included a new grid block functionality that allows designers to construct clusters by combining different blocks in a sub-grid. It allows users to add a block to your site that produces a second grid within that block that could be used to quickly add a picture gallery. Grid blocks allow users to make detailed block arrangements on the grid. After that, users can drag the sub-grid to any position on the page. The universe now has numerous active sites, and as the platform grows, the business expects to continue to release more consumer-friendly improvements.

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