Ubisoft Developed The World’s First In-Game NFT

Jan, 2022 - By SMI

Ubisoft Developed The World’s First In-Game NFT

Video game developers are introducing in-game NFTs, named Digits in all of their products.

The tech giant of the gaming industry, Ubisoft Entertainment, announced their intentions to blend NFTs into their video games. These in-game NFTs are termed "Digits". These NFTs contain some unique serial numbers to track the trade of these digits in the crypto market.

The game developers posted on their official website that their upcoming platform, Ubisoft Quartz, is going to be an innovative experience for the players. This platform has been developed on the concept of designing a unique connection between players and gaming platforms. The company’s goal of offering users more liberty and power whenever associating with other in-game features can help players create their own storylines.

The project of NFT has been published on Ubisoft’s official Twitter handle. The gifts will be offered by the company on their latest platform, Ubisoft Quartz. This platform permits the players to gather Digits, the world’s first usable and safe in-game NFTs. These Digits will be stored in a safe blockchain, ‘Tezos.’ There are some ethical concerns about environmental harm that have been a digital non-issue.

The initial batch of Digits will be launched in a beta version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This platform will be released to players on December 9th, 2021. These NFTs will be introduced in the structure of an anesthetic in-game product. This product can be traded using any type of crypto currency from the game’s country of launch.

The avatar of these NFTs do feature various serial numbers for every player in-game; hence, these digits were traded in the market. The company could track down the player from these inscriptions. Furthermore, if the player lends these Tenoz to other players who are not a part of Ghost Recon, these players will be able to use these NFTs on other upcoming gaming platforms that support in-game NFTs. The digits utilized in-game platforms do feature Gamertags belonging to the previous users.

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