Toyota has redesigned a new cheap European hatchback for 2022

Apr, 2021 - By SMI

Toyota has redesigned a new cheap European hatchback for 2022

Toyota's Aygo started out as a compact European hatchback in 2005, transforming in 2014 into the unusually X-shaped variant on the market today.

In the A-segment for city cars, the Aygo has been consistently praised for its bold, stand-out style. Toyota's European architecture headquarters in the South of France, ED (European Design), is now determined to give small car buyers even more boldness design. Toyota has dominated the European A-segment for the majority of the twenty-first century. ED was charged with looking at this sector of the market with new eyes and identifying what it could do to satisfy consumers' needs and desires, and demonstrating that cars historically referred to as "entry points" can still produce stand-out quality.

The cheapest car in Toyota's European showrooms is having a makeover to complement and expand the C-HR crossover's futuristic, modular, eye-catching lines. The Aygo X Prologue looks fantastic – young, edgy, sporty, and with a touch of off-road beach buggy due to the oversized arches and larger wheels. The black shirts under the doors climb up over the new Aygo's hips to surround a surprisingly clean back window and come up over the windshield, and a wicked LED strip between headlights accentuates the sharp front end. Given that current models are powered by small, fuel-efficient one-liter engines with 0-60 mph times best tested by sundial. Perhaps an electric version is in the works, which would bring more shunt to the object. Consumers don't have more information at this time, so they are hoping this one makes it to showrooms in its current state. This is an excellent design language that adds real visual excitement to the road; if Toyota can keep the price tag similar to the latest model's UK£ 12,690 (US$ 17,700).

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