Through Changes In Sugar Researchers Are Solving Mysteries Of Ovarian Cancer

Sep, 2022 - By SMI

Through Changes In Sugar Researchers Are Solving  Mysteries Of Ovarian Cancer

In the fight against the spread of ovarian cancer, the recently discovered sugar compounds may be effective therapeutic targets.

The deadliest gynaecological malignancy in the world is ovarian cancer. Dr. Arun Everest-Dass, a research scientist at Griffith University's Institute for Glycomics, has been investigating how ovarian cancer cells spread throughout the body. A high death rate can be attributed in large part to this cascade. The process known as cell plasticity occurs when tumour cells go through changes in their condition and behaviour during this metastatic cascade. The team looked into the signalling pathways enabling this plasticity using a cutting-edge innovative imaging method made available by the Institute for Glycomics in the hopes of opening up new therapeutic options for metastatic ovarian cancer.

The researchers discovered certain sugars on the cell surface known as "glycolipids," which are important in the progression of ovarian cancer. These sugar compounds have been discovered may be effective therapeutic targets in the struggle against the spread of ovarian cancer. Furthermore, these discoveries mark a significant advancement in the knowledge of the development of ovarian cancer and the emergence of new drug targets.

The newly founded International Center, which is exceptional in the world, will allow the researchers and collaborators to carry out some of the most cutting-edge assessments of tumours that can be combined with data obtained from other approaches, like genomics studies. These all-encompassing strategy may create a lot more new opportunities for the discovery and creation of innovative early-identification diagnostics and focused treatments. Furthermore, the discovery of distinctive sugars that adorn ovarian cancer cells may aid in the suppression of the disease and enhance therapy options for female patients.

Moreover it is crucial that to combine the data with that from other research projects since this will give the researchers a far clearer understanding of what is happening in these cancers.

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