The Third Wave COVID-19 Can Be More Dangerous

Jun, 2021 - By SMI

The Third Wave COVID-19 Can Be More Dangerous

Once the virus fails to get entry into the host body, or even if they fails to propagate inside the host cell, its mutation ability will be gradually reduce, which might be an important aspect for curing this deadly pandemic.

Coronavirus is undoubtedly one of the worst pandemic ever, the world witnessed after Spanish Flu. The disease is unfolding its devastating nature in layers with time to time. After the first wave of SARS-CoV-2, came far worse than the second wave, with more infections and death all over the globe. Currently India, is in its recovery state from the highly ineffective second wave of coronavirus.

The virus is characterized by a higher rate of mutability, which is making it very much potent to stay and multiply in the host body randomly. The uniqueness of the virus lies in the spike protein present in the virus structure, which is helping the virus to be susceptible and also highly penetrating in nature towards the host cell to cause the infection.

The virus contain an RNA genome, which is surrounded by a lipid bilayer. If the people compare all other RNA viruses and their genomes, the length in case of SARS-CoV-2 is much more containing more number of Open Reading Frame (ORF), helping them in better replication of their genome and also synthesis of the structural protein of the viral particle. This genetic nature, makes it much more potent to survive and altercate in any environment.

Recently, scientists of Britain have identified the next mutated type of this ongoing coronavirus, which is going to be in existence very shortly. They named it as the Delta type or variant. According to the reports they expect the upcoming Delta type to be much more transmission efficient than that of the previous alpha type.

Although individuals having received both the dose of the vaccine is likely to stay a bit protected, provided he or she maintains proper rules and regulations. Mass vaccination program is introduced just to ensure the vaccine incorporation in the leftover population. Thus, vaccine and its intake is very much necessary just to put a halt in the progress of the coronavirus.

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