The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Will Presumably Launch Next Year

Feb, 2021 - By SMI

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Will Presumably Launch Next Year

Galaxy S21 Ultra, the yet to be announced flagship phone by Samsung, will be S Pen friendly and consist of other features such as ultra-wideband.

According to a listing by Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Samsung S Pen stylus can be used in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which happens to be the company’s upcoming flagship phone. Recently, TM Roh, president of Samsung mobile, announced that the upcoming Samsung devices will consist of several popular features from the Galaxy Note.

The S Pen was included along with the Samsung Galaxy Note which was first launched in 2011. The device was popular with users as it allowed annotating, writing, and highlighting. Consumers can use this device not only for screen content consumption but also for doing and creating things. The device is designed like a real pen and can be used for note-taking, navigating, and drawing. The device is also useful for camera control, playing music, and searching through media. It also comes in handy during presentations as it can be used to flip through slides. The S pen makes video editing easy and quick. With this device, users can trim a video quicker, touch-up faces, add filters, and add music.

The test reports by FCC described an Equipment Under Test (EUT) device that can be used with the S Pen in both clicks and hover modes, operating in a range of 0.53 to 0.63 MHz. The yet to be announced Galaxy 21 Ultra will also consist of Wi-Fi 6E, wireless power transfer, and ultra-wideband (UWB). Roh stated last week that the company plans to use the ultra-wideband in 2021 for more applications, such as using the UWB to locate objects, open doors, locating the family’s pet, and personalize car experiences with help from partner companies. Things will get clearer after the upcoming event of Samsung in 2021, presumably on 14th January.

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