The novel IBM Power E1080 server offers significant improvements in power and energy efficiency

Sep, 2021 - By SMI

The novel IBM Power E1080 server offers significant improvements in power and energy efficiency

According to IBM, E1080 is powered by Power10 processors and it can reduce the work of 126 equivalent servers into just two E1080 and save around 80% on energy bills.

Companies all around the world are dealing with continuous technological developments in their operations and client demand. They seek IT infrastructure that will assist them in being agile, efficient, and cyber defensive. It should support them in predicting market developments and responding in near real-time. Since this demands that their data be converted into value as soon as possible, the protection of sensitive data remains a major issue in the face of growing ransomware and malicious attack. IBM is fulfilling such requirements as enterprises modernize their infrastructure with the new IBM Power E1080, the first in a series of servers built on the 7nm Power10 processor.

The E1080 system has eight sockets and supports transparent memory encryption, 2.5x slightly faster encryption, and new RAS capabilities for advanced recovery, self-healing, and diagnostics. IBM's materials concentrate on one specific benchmark: how it outperforms alternative solutions in a two-tier SAP Hana SD standard benchmark with just half the sockets, or an Oracle benchmark that requires only 20% of the power and number of Oracle licenses to reach the same outcome.

IBM references instant scalability, pay per use consumption several times in the press release, particularly in relation to Red Hat's OpenShift cloud platform. This is all part of IBM's Hybrid Cloud model, which signifies that a company runs certain private internal cloud resources while simultaneously employing some public cloud server provider services. IBM has its own cloud service, of which Power10 will be a feature.

Since taking over as CEO of IBM in April 2020, Arvind Krishna has been attempting to shift the company's attention to hybrid computing, where some computing exists on-premises and some on the cloud, which would be the state that many companies will find themselves in for several coming years. IBM intends to use Red Hat as a management layer for a hybrid cloud environment, while also providing a wide range of software and hardware components and services.

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