The New Update on Google maps Helps to Detect Containment Zones

Feb, 2021 - By SMI

The New Update on Google maps Helps to Detect Containment Zones

The latest update which is about to pop up in the app store for google maps will show if there is a Coronavirus outbreak in the nearby areas.

The new feature that has been added to the map is ‘The COVID layer’ which shows new cases in nearby areas and as well as last week’s cases in a specific region using ‘Color Coding’ where the red color indicates a rise. The tool is prepared in such a way that it takes an average number of corona virus cases of 100000 people and compare it with previous data and it is operating in 220 countries and territories. The tool is designed in such a way that the people nearby can get updates about new cases and be more cautious. This update even allows users to see data of a specific state or province. The red zones in the area will be shown via a shaded grey area in the google maps. These features will soon cover all states and it will also be available in several regions worldwide. The users should upgrade their google maps to the latest version to access features in it. Google also stated that it has already started discussing the work with the state and central government so that the accurate information is easily available to users across the globe.

In an official release, Google stated that they are trying to extend this functionality to other cities. Google has also started collecting data of COVID-19 cases in a particular area from various sources like the New York Times and Johns Hopkins University. These sources obtain data from local healthcare agencies and hospital. More than 1 billion people rely on google maps for essential  information, this newly added feature in the Google Map allows users to navigate safely and know about the latest Corona virus outbreaks in nearby areas.

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