The New Prototype Wireless TV Ditches the Plug

Mar, 2021 - By SMI

The New Prototype Wireless TV Ditches the Plug

 ‘Disconnecting the cord’ means to cut the cable from the TV, and airing content over Wi-Fi. This has led Russian startup, Reasonance, to develop a wireless TV prototype.

TVs these days are becoming thinner and lighter and can be placed anywhere in the living room. However, the wires are repositioning them and the TT feels awkward when the wires hang from the wall. This creates a problem with the plugins when the TV is away from the electric board.

Logic is working to solve this problem. The company's wireless TV replaces the plug-in feature and provides an independent electrical transmitter with a receiver coil connected to the TV. The system can transfer power up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) and the transmitter and receiver coils work fast even when not aligned at all. The company claims that the transmission distance can be adjusted by increasing the size of the coils. The system transmits 120 watts at a frequency of 20 to 120 kHz in the range of 20 watts. (50).

The system's CES prototype 40-in TV has an external receiver coil on the back. Although the current coil is designed with bulging and sleek flat-panel construction, the company claims that the coil can also be attached to the TV frame in this part. Currently, the transmitter coil is just below the table, has no concentration and is perpendicular to the TV. Echo stated that it can be placed inside the wall or even on a piece of furniture without interrupting the operation.

Logic is not the only company exploring this idea of ​​wireless TV. Samsung, the world's largest TV maker, also originally planned to bring its wireless TV to CES last year.

Logic believes that its technology solves problems of affordability and value so that it blends into marketable goods. In addition to making its own product, the company plans to license its manufacturers to current technology without making its own products such as TVs, accessories and electric bikes.

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