Tesla Introduces Home Charger For All Electrical Cars

Nov, 2021 - By SMI

Tesla Introduces Home Charger For All Electrical Cars

Tesla launched a new at-home wall charger that is developed for all the other electric vehicles in North America.

Tesla, an electrical vehicle and clean energy company is very well known for its electric cars and solar and integrated renewable energy solutions. The company now seems to be making plenty of moves to serve electric vehicles that are made by other manufacturers. Tesla is doing something very surprising apart from opening the first supercharger stations to EVs made by other automakers. The company launched a new at-home wall charger that is developed to work with other electric vehicles apart from its own.

The new charger comes with a standard J1772 connector, which is expected to work fine with other electric cars in North America. The charger needs to be installed by an experienced electrician and it is priced at $415. According to Tesla, the new charger is capable of charging up to 9.6kW and it is made for both outdoor and indoor installation. This new charger is just a redesigned version of Tesla’s Gen 2 home charger. However, it does not come with all the advanced features such as wi-fi seen in Gen 3 version of Tesla that is being sold to its owners.

Tesla has been leading the way in EVs for many years now, and with this new wall charger and opening of the supercharger network it plans to take advantages of many of the novel electric vehicles that are on sale. This new strategy may not give profits to Tesla as much as its main business of automotive, it could provide good opportunities to the company as even if all the legacy automakers provide their own branded home chargers, the market of third party home chargers for EVs is comprised of mostly unknown brands.

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