Tesla Announces Plans to Electric Cars for The Indian Population

Nov, 2021 - By SMI

Tesla Announces Plans to Electric Cars for The Indian Population

On November 3rd 2021, the American electric vehicle major, Tesla, Inc., announced plans to build affordable and easy-to-maintain electric cars for the Indian audience.

Today most people have been replacing their inorganic fuel cars with electric cars. Now, these days Tesla is going to launch these electric cars for India. Indian government wants Tesla to build their manufacturing unit in India. But Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, is considering selling electric cars made in China to Indian audience.

In India, over 60% of the population uses vehicles to daily commune. These private and shared vehicles live 66% of the carbon footprint globally. People are currently facing a fuel crisis in India and for this reason, a large portion of the population is turning towards natural power sources. Keeping these conditions in mind, Tesla is building their units to leave a less carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

Tesla already provided Model S, Model 3, M, X, Y, and Roadster, which are mainly popular in the U.S. and Europe. Tesla is thinking of producing eco-friendly electric cars, especially for Indian users.

Various car manufacturers in India like Tata and Mahindra are starting their electric car manufacturing units. These cars mainly contain lithium iron phosphate (LPH) batteries, which have a high-performance rate for the vehicles. But these batteries require continuous charging for better performance.

Certainly, the manufacturing costs of electric cars do vary according to the battery used in the car. But for better battery life, users have to spend more money on it.

Electric cars also contain a few automotive parts, which also require certain services for better performance. Even though electric cars are useful for safe travel, they might have a problem driving on the rural side of India.

For the future of commuting, users will have to consider the option of electric cars for commuting. To boost sales and usage of electric cars, Tesla has to provide better services to their customers. To create a secure user population, Tesla also has to maintain that audience with better commitments in the future.

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