Super Glue Formed by Snake Venom Plugs Bleeding instantly

Aug, 2021 - By SMI

Super Glue Formed by Snake Venom Plugs Bleeding instantly

New surgical glue was developed by using snake venom for instant blood-clotting and halting excessive blood flow during injuries or surgeries.

A quick blood-clotting during traumatic injury or surgery could save once life as it restricts excessive blood flow. Recently, scientists from the Universities of Western Ontario, Shantou and Manitoba developed new “super glue” from snake venom that would clot blood and halt bleeding within seconds after the process of its activation with light. Snake venom of lancehead snakes contain a blood-clotting enzyme known as batroxobin and also reptilase, which was used to treat bleeding during surgeries. However, few years ago scientists attempted to construct an injectable “bandage” for blood-clotting by combining batroxobin with a nanofiber hydrogel.

Recently, a new study was carried out by researchers to develop surgical glue by incorporating batroxobin into a modified gelatin to perform blood-clotting. The super glue was formed with blood-resistance capacity so that it won’t just wash off in the blood flow. It also operated in sealing up the injuries quickly in exposure of bright light such as laser pointer. The researcher intended to have the packaging of this glue into a small tube so that it could be used in emergency situations as first aid treatment.

The application of super glue could be performed easily by simply squeezing the tube and shining a visible light over the injured area for few seconds. The team tested the super-glue on rats with liver injuries, ruptured aortae and deep skin cuts. It was observed that the wounds were able to close up within 45 seconds and lowered around 78 % of blood flow. The adhesive strength of the glue was perceived to be 10 times stronger as compared to currently applying fibrin glue. Researchers stated that it could be used as first aid treatment for first responders and soldiers; however it’s still not ready for regular usage.

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