Sun-Watching Satellite Recorded a View of Leonard Comet

Mar, 2022 - By SMI

Sun-Watching Satellite Recorded a View of Leonard Comet

The rare comet Leonard appeared for the first time in 80,000 years.

The Leonard comet has been passed over the Earth after 80,000 years. This magnificent comet has been captured by the European Space Agency and NASA’s Sun-watching satellites. The trajectory of this comet has been recorded in a video file and post by both organizations. This comet will appear over the earth from December 24th to December 26th. The researchers are saying that this comet is a real Christmas Miracle.

The published video has a background of the Milky Way featuring Mercury and Venus. This makes the trajectory of the comet towards the center of the solar system. The last comet that flew over the Earth was on December 12th. This comet siting recorded to be approximately 21 million miles. The Leonard comet will arise over the North and South hemisphere. This astronomical event will occur until the last week of December. The researchers are mapping the comet for approximately 56 million miles in length. After appearing at the end of the year 2021, the comet will appear nearly 80,000 years later.

The astronomical object has been named after the senior researcher of the University of Arizona, Greg Leonard. Greg Leonard had discovered the comet on January 3rd, 2021. Dr. Leonard stated that the appearance of the tail of the comet has been a remarkable discovery. The comet was roughly 465 million miles away from the Earth at the time. This is equivalent to the distance of Earth and Jupiter. The recorded average speed of the comet has been 158,084 miles per hour. The comet will fly across the west-southwestern horizon towards the upper hemisphere.

The researcher further stated that the data collected by the satellites will be used to research the shapes, sizes, and chemical structures of the comet. The collected data will be used to determine the nature of the space and used for further space exploration missions.

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