Study Revealed Order of COVID-19 Symptoms

Nov, 2020 - By SMI

Study Revealed Order of COVID-19 Symptoms

The USC research team has now revealed the order of symptoms experienced by individuals infected with the novel coronavirus.

As the pandemic evolved throughout the eight months it has rippled across the globe, more signs and symptoms were reported. The new data reflects a multitude of COVID-19 symptoms that were not previously reported. The primary symptoms linked to the novel coronavirus are cough, fever, and difficulty of breathing. As time passed, other symptoms emerged, such as the loss of taste, loss of smell, body pains, fatigue, headache, hair loss, sore throat, and rash in the mouth. Moreover, the research published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine reported another likely symptom that is persistent hiccups.

The research describes an incident in which an individual aged 62 years experienced persistent hiccups for around four days before being hospitalized due to fever. The researchers claimed that this is the first case report of frequent hiccups in COVID-19 positive patients. The clinical features of COVID-19 are evolving rapidly as data continues to be collected worldwide. Now, the research team from the University of Southern California has revealed the most likely order of symptoms experienced by individuals infected with the virus.

It will help people to seek medical help immediately. The research was published in the Frontiers in Public Health journal. According to a USC professor Peter Kuhn, knowing this order is particularly important when people have overlapping cycles of flu-like diseases that occur with COVID-19 infection. Moreover, it will help doctors to determine and prevent the patient's condition from worsening. The most likely order of common respiratory disease symptoms for COVID-19; fever, cough, sore throat, headache, myalgia, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea. The findings underscore the importance of testing fever before allowing people to enter the facilities, as well as contact tracing to isolate the patients.

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