Study Reports New Techniques in Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Jun, 2021 - By SMI

Study Reports New Techniques in Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

The diagnosis of tuberculosis shifts from 2D to 3D diagnosis system, which is much more observatory and efficient than the old method and also takes less time for treatment than earlier.

Tuberculosis is a fatal disease, which causes infections in lungs and many people have fallen prey for it. Almost 10 million people worldwide get infected with the disease each year.  Recently, two new studies  showed the extraordinary way to process the disease in efficient way to speed up the recovery, by identifying the major genetic changes, which cause the damage in lungs.

There were two outcomes of the studies. The first study was presented by a team of resaerchers from University of Southampton. They  innovated new 3D culture system, which was extremely efficient to observe change occurrences in the cells infected by tuberculosis. It was unlike the old laboratory-standard of 2D system, where the cell used to be placed on flat surface for observation, instead 3D system techniques were practiced to analyse the infected cells of TB closely in droplet forms.

The second study was based upon the identification of event occurrence in the infected cells of TB, which causes excessive inflammation and damage in lungs. The second team of the university carried out this study by finding complex sequencing technics on the cells. The clinical testing was initiated by Dr. Catherine Ong of National University of Singapore. They studied the functions of the antibiotic, doxycycline, to reverse the change, which resulted in the reduction in the size of lung cavities and accelerates lung recovery towards good health.

The study shows the commitment in the new standards-of-care in health and cures, which  would prevent further complications.

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