Study of Stress Discovers Graying of Hair To Be a Reversible Process

Jun, 2021 - By SMI

Study of Stress Discovers Graying of Hair To Be a Reversible Process

Striking associations among hair graying and stress were found in certain cases where the reversal of graying were observed as a person's stress was eased.

History is filled with the anecdotal evidences of the correlation between graying hair and stress. A latest study have produced first-of-its-kind scientific proof of this relationship, identifying proteins within human hairs which likely drives this process, at the same time  signifying how it even might be reversed.

This novel study was performed by scientists from the Columbia University who aimed at what seems to be a gap in research such type so far. Psychological stress has been seen as the driver for graying of hair since long, it has been challenging for scientists for connecting the dots, since relating the hair pigmentation with individual stress times is a complicated undertaking. For finding its solution, the scientists signed up 14 volunteers who maintained "stress diaries," where they reviewed the calendars rating weeks by stress levels. These volunteers then provided the researchers with samples of hair that the scientists fragmented into little slices, for analyzing and mapping the graying degree. Every slice, measuring nearly a 20th of millimeter wide, denoted hair growth of around an hour, providing the graying process’s calculable physical timescale.

When these variations were compared with the stress diaries gave some fascinating insights. Striking associations among hair graying and stress were found, however in certain cases the reversal of this graying were also observed as the person's stress was eased. Gray hair returning to its original color is a thing that hasn’t ever been documented quantitatively, as per the researchers.  This study definitely raises certain interesting questions revolving hair graying and stress, and the way lifestyle changes might affect this process. Though avoiding the stress is great for health in every sort of way, the researchers emphasize that this will come with restrictions when it comes to keeping the hair full of color and youthful.

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