Study Finds Protein that Prevents the Entry of Cancer Cells into Bloodstreams

Jul, 2021 - By SMI

Study Finds Protein that Prevents the Entry of Cancer Cells into Bloodstreams

A new researcher was conducted to identify the protective protein that prevents the cancer cells from entering into the bloodstreams and protects the body from its rapid spread.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University detected a specific protein termed as TRPM7 that prevents metastasizing cancer cells to get into the bloodstream and protects the body from its spread. It is a new therapy, where this protein acts as a new drug for cancer treatment. Cancer infection is so proactive that it spreads rapidly throughout the body. It starts to enter its rogue cells of cancer rapidly into the bloodstream after its first infection to one organ, forming a new colony with other organs of the body. This process is known as metastasis, which makes cancer exponentially more deadly and harder to track down and remove.

The team carried out the experiment with fibroblast cells flowing through a ladder-like model of bloodstream of microchannels. They allowed a flow of protein fluid in the system that acted as drug. In a microfluidics test, it was observed that the cells entered the channels with no fluid flow and repeal to the channels when there was a flow. Further, they blocked the cells from getting exposed to the TRPM7 protein and noticed that the cells went on into those fast-moving channels irrespective of the fluid flow.

From the research study, scientists demonstrated the functioning of proteins, TRPM7, and protein signalling pathways that prevents them from spreading through the vascular system. The protein is used to sense the flow of cancer cells allowing coated immune cells in nanoparticles to destroy rogue cancer cells and prevent their venture in the bloodstream. It is also noted that change in diet could be another factor in reducing the chances of metastasis. Researchers claimed that, although it’s a new type of treatment by the TRPM7 protein to prevent cancer metastasis, it needs to undergo certain pre-clinical tests to test the treatment.

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