Statins Reduce The Incidence Of The Deadly Type Of Stroke, A Research Reveals

Dec, 2022 - By SMI

Statins Reduce The Incidence Of The Deadly Type Of Stroke, A Research Reveals

Statin medications, as they are known, reduce the chance of a stroke brought on by a blood clot, according to doctors.

An intracerebral haemorrhage is the worst type of stroke, but a recent study demonstrates that the cheap drugs can also lower the risk of having one for the first time.

When blood from an artery suddenly starts to leak into the brain, it is known as an intracerebral haemorrhage. After a blood clot, which is referred to as an ischemic stroke, it is the second most frequent cause of a stroke.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stroke is a leading cause of mortality and disability in the US. Changes in lifestyle, such as eating well and exercising, can prevent many.

Another effective technique for preventing strokes is statins. They function by lowering fatty buildup in the arteries and preventing it from increasing to block blood flow to the brain. They are taken by hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide to avoid heart disease and stroke.

Whether a statin can lower a person's likelihood of experiencing their first intracerebral haemorrhage has been the subject of debated research. The latest research, which was released on Wednesday in the journal Neurology, appears to put an end to part of that discussion.

Over 88,000 persons in Denmark without a history of stroke were studied using prescription data and health information. 989 individuals (with an average age of 76) experienced their first bleeding stroke over the research period.

In order to compare strokes in various regions of the brain, the researchers made a distinction between lobar and nonlobar strokes; nonlobar strokes are frequently brought on by excessive blood pressure. The Novo Nordisk Foundation contributed to the research's funding.

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