Stark Varg, an All-new Electric Motocross Races, Makes its Debut

Jan, 2022 - By SMI

Stark Varg, an All-new Electric Motocross Races, Makes its Debut

Stark Future, a Barcelona-based startup, introduced Stark Varg (meaning ‘strong wolf’ in Swedish), an all-electric motocross racer or dirt bike on December 14, 2021, claiming to outperform its gasoline-powered equivalents.

Stark Future has been developing the electric motorcycle, which will emerge as the lightest and most powerful available, for the last two years on the outskirts of Barcelona. The Varg weighs 110 kg (242 lb) and is claimed to be more powerful than its 450cc petrol-powered equivalents. It generates a power of 78.9bhp and a peak torque of 275 Nm (938 Nm at the rear wheel with gearing).

A strong team of 42 people has developed the state-of-the-art electric motocross including Stark Future CEO and co-founder Anton Wass, former AMA Supercross race winner Josh Hill, and AMA Motocross champion Sebastian Tortelli, among others. The new model is set to revolutionize motocross with its patent-pending technology and design features, directing riders and racers towards sustainability.

Combining the properties of multiple bikes in one, Stark Varg has customizable power settings to mimic a 125 two-stroke up to 650 four-stroke along with cooling system, innovative motor, and battery architecture for advanced performance. It is developed using premium materials including magnesium, aero-grade aluminum, and carbon fiber based on the ultra-small and light chassis concept.

The electric dirt bike also features a waterproof smartphone dash and motorcycle set-up app, in addition to low maintenance, no noise, and zero emissions. A class-leading powertrain with 80hp at 9hp per kilogram makes Stark Varg the fastest motocross bike on the market.

A compact sub-32kg 6kWh battery provides energy to the bike, which claims to offer up to six hours of gentle trail riding or full Gran Prix intensity. Other quality features include Pirelli MX32 tires and KYB suspension with 310mm of both front and rear travel. With its new product, Stark Future aims to blow away outdated and environment unfriendly combustion-engine motorbikes from the track.

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