Some Covid-19 Patients Fail To Recover Sense Of Smell

Jan, 2023 - By SMI

Some Covid-19 Patients Fail To Recover Sense Of Smell

In a study it was found that some Covid-19 patients never regain sense of smell.

Most of the people who were infected with Covid-19 got their smelling sense back but few of them failed to do so. A study was conducted to ascertain the reason behind this. As per the study, it may be because of the continuous immune assault resulting in reduction of olfactory nerve cells. Scientists form Duke Health conducted this study.

The findings from the study was published in the online journal named Science Translational Medicine on December 21. The study offered an understanding about the irritating problem which has troubled millions of people who were unable to regain their smelling sense post COVID-19. As per Bradley Goldstein (M.D., Ph.D.), the associate professor in Duke's Department of Head and Neck Surgery and Communication Sciences and  the Department of Neurobiology, the study was conducted to have a better understanding of why a certain number of people will have a continuous loss of smell for months or even years after getting infected with coronavirus. During the study, olfactory epithelial samples collected from 24 biopsies which includes nine patients dealing with prolonged smell loss after being infected with COVID-19, were analyzed by Goldstein and colleagues at Duke, Harvard and the University of California-San Diego. The study revealed extensive intrusion of T-cells engaged in an inflammatory response in the olfactory epithelium. They are the tissue in the nose where smell nerve cells are placed.

According to Goldstein, the treatments can be designed when it is known that which areas are damaged and the involvement of cell types as well. The scientists are optimistic that the repair processes inside the nose of patients might help to partially reinstate a sense of smell at least.

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