Sleep-Breath Disorder ‘Sleep Apnea’ Linked To Type-2 Diabetes

Nov, 2022 - By SMI

Sleep-Breath Disorder ‘Sleep Apnea’ Linked To Type-2 Diabetes

According to research published in the Pulmonology Journal, diabetes mellitus and sleep apnea are prevalent illnesses that frequently coexist.

Vice versa some diabetics suffer sleep apnea as well. According to Dr Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, Additional Director, Internal Medicine at Fortis Hospital in Greater Noida in India, one in every four diabetic patients develops sleep apnea.

Dr Samith A Shetty, a Consultant Diabetologist at Sparsh Hospital linked obesity as a risk factor for both diabetes as well as sleep apnea. Obesity successively develops and increases insulin resistance, which is a major cause of diabetes. He explained that Obstructive Sleep Apnea disrupts glucose metabolism, increases resistance to insulin, and hence contributes to develop type 2 diabetes. Obesity is the moderator and it moderates in a quicker manner.

Dr Sanjay Verma who is a Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Paras Hospitals, Gurugram also agrees over the discussion. He mentioned studies that found a link in sleeplessness and lower leptin levels that aid in the control of metabolism of glucose.

The obstructive sleep apnea marks by upper air passage instability while sleeping, causing airflow to reduce  greatly or even nonexistent. During these episodes, normal oxygen desaturations,  blood pressure and heart pulse repetitive fluctuations, and sleep pattern abnormalities such as slow-wave loss and quick eye movement in sleep are common. It can also cause fatigue, boredom, mood changes, and irritation.

While sleeping body organs and lower their operation. As a result, when one snore at night, your body is starved of oxygen. When a person snores, the lungs and heart must re-engage and perform as they do in the morning. That is, they begin functioning during the resting phase. "The body then tries to adjust for a short period of time before giving up," Dr. Shetty stated.

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