Secure communications for Robot teams can be achieved with Blockchain

Oct, 2021 - By SMI

Secure communications for Robot teams can be achieved with Blockchain

According to new research, using blockchain technology as a communication medium for a group of robots could also provide security by protecting against breaches. The research might be useful in places where multi-robot autonomous cars distribute goods and carrying passengers around.

A blockchain provides a tamper-proof record of every transaction — in this instance, the messages sent by robot team leaders — so that followers may ultimately spot errors in the data flow. This is a collection of data structures called blocks that are linked together in a chain. Each block includes the data it is intended to store, as well as the hash of that data and the hash of the preceding block in the chain. The process of turning a text string into a unique set of letters and numbers is known as hashing.

The information recorded in each block in this simulation-based research is a series of directives from a leader robot to followers. If a malignant robot tries to change the content of a block, the block hash is changed, and the changed block is no longer attached to the chain. Follower robots may be ignorant of the changed paths. In addition, the blockchain keeps a universal record of every transaction. As all followers will ultimately be able to view all of the orders given by leader robots, they will be able to determine if they have been misinformed.

The researchers put their system to the test by simulating different follow-the-leader scenarios with a known or an unknown number of rogue robots. Leaders announced erroneous instructions or sought to block traffic of follower robots using a blockchain, while malignant leaders broadcast false directions or tried to block the path of following robots. Even though follower robots were first deceived by rogue leaders, the transaction-based approach enabled all followers to finally reach their objective, according to the researchers.

This research might lead to the development of new security mechanisms for robots based on transaction-based interactions in the future. It paves the path for humans and groups of robots to gain trust.

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