Scientists Find A New Molecule That Obstructs Covid-19 Infection

Mar, 2022 - By SMI

Scientists Find A New Molecule That Obstructs Covid-19 Infection

A team of researchers has found a new molecule that prevents the Coronavirus from entering human cells.

The scientists at Aarhus University have developed a new molecule. That molecule sticks to the top of the SARS-CoV-2 virus molecules, due to which the virus gets blocked from spreading the infection by entering human cells. This molecule relates to the RNA aptamers group of compounds and is consists of the same type of components used for mRNA vaccines. Due to this it becomes much affordable and simpler than the current antibodies used on Covid-19 to treat and detect infections using RAT.

An aptamer is a part of RNA or DNA blend into a 3D structure. An aptamer can identify a certain target molecule of interest. The RNA aptamer binds to the spike protein itself, fixing itself to the top of the virus, and preventing the virus from acting as the key that allows it to enter the cell. Thus, RNA aptamer is not a vaccine but a composite that can prevent a person from spreading the virus in the human body once they come in contact with the virus. The efficient binding to the SARS-CoV-2 virus means that an aptamer is useful to test COVID-19 infection. Cell culture studies described that the previous strains of COVID-19, which researchers had the opportunity to test, the aptamer exactly works against them.

The main author of this study which has been published in the journal PNAS, Prof. Jorgen (Aarhus University) said that, “We have started testing the new aptamer in rapid tests and we expect to be able to detect very low concentrations of the virus. Since we submitted the article for peer review, we have continued our studies and been able to show that it also recognizes the delta variant. Now we are waiting for samples of the newly identified variant, omicron, so we can test whether the aptamer also recognizes that.” He further highlights that the results of the Delta virus haven’t been yet reviewed and published by peers.

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