Scientists Discover New Potential Treatment For Osteoarthritis

Sep, 2021 - By SMI

Scientists Discover New Potential Treatment For Osteoarthritis

New research identifies an efficient way to treat osteoarthritis a joint disease, using a gene.

A team of scientists at Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) may have found a way to treat osteoarthritis that affects millions of people all around the world. The team identified molecule of a regulatory RNA known as microRNA; it balances generation and deterioration of cartilage. They inspected the miR-455 molecule, which is rare parent molecule and it generates two dissimilar strands of miRNA, 5p and 3p.

mRNAs aim individually at a group of genes containing their particular binding sequence in the gene message, which allows them to regulate many genes at the same time. When it has to be attached to a gene message, the miRNA has the ability to stop it from converting into protein or make the message degraded wholly. An old analysis has proved that when miR-455 stand was deleted in mice it caused degeneration of the knee cartilage of the mouse however, effects of 5p were uncertain. When scientists studied miR-455 levels in human cartilage, people with osteoarthritis (OA) were found having very low amounts of this miRNA. Later, researchers engineered mice with degenerated cartilage. They injected knee joints of these mice with a mock version of miR-455 3p and 5p and observed degeneration of the cartilage. A protein HIF-2α which is associated with breaking down of cartilage was targeted by miR-455 resulting into lowering its amount significantly.

The results of the study helped understand the biology of cartilage regulation and development of OA also showing that the miR gene could be used in therapeutic methods for treating osteoarthritis. The team is studying the potential of miRNA and its uses in treating other diseases. The research was published in Nature Communications in July 2021.

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