Samsung Offers New Solar Powered Remote and Neo QLED Technology

Mar, 2021 - By SMI

Samsung Offers New Solar Powered Remote and Neo QLED Technology

Samsung is about to unveil its new CES 2021 television series next week, with many more to unveil: new Neo QLED technology, solar-powered remote control, a health and fitness app that you can use on a large screen, and much more.

Neo QLED is set to determine a new display technology for wrapping your head and check out the 8K QN900A and 4K QN90A sets. Development of advanced quantum LED technology, both reduce the size of individual LED lights and improve the processor power that controls them, improving contrast, brightness, and HDR accuracy.

The new Neo Quantum processor that rides the two models shall also enhance the development experience - it has well-designed algorithms that can do an excellent job of making non-8K and non-4K content look clearer and clearer. Samsung says 16 neural networks could be added to the project.

These Neo QLED TVs also come with small bezels, cable management systems, and other audio enhancements that helps to adjust the sound output in your room and what's currently on the screen - so in a nutshell, it's safe to say that it’ll be the best TVs currently from Samsung.

Samsung also launched its Samsung Health Smart Trainer program, which uses your TV to guide you through interactive video workouts, and will give you feedback on your status - it comes with new Neo QLED sets and older models, and it sounds very similar to other variants.

Other things to look for in Samsung's new sets are the Game Bar, which can gives customer quick access to settings like calculating player button key features, and Google Duo video streaming support.

Then there is the new solar-powered TV controller, Samsung, which claims to be powered by an internal light, an outdoor light or a USB cable. The technology is to reduce battery downtime, and its part of a broader "going green" commitment in the years to come. Samsung said that it would work to reduce carbon emissions in its TV production operations, increase consumption and increase energy efficiency, and increase the utilization of an environmentally friendly package for its 2021 TVs.

Like most of the technology that will be on display at CES 2021 next week, no details of the current price and availability - but now we know some of the best things to come in Samsung TV frames next year.

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