Roblox studio has announced the acquisition of Guilded, a group chat platform

Sep, 2021 - By SMI

Roblox studio has announced the acquisition of Guilded, a group chat platform

Guilded will continue to function independently, and this acquisition is the latest attempt to integrate the Roblox community under a single platform.

Roblox is utilizing M&A to strengthen its social infrastructure, revealing on August 16, 2021 that they had acquired the Guilded Company, which has been developing a chat platform for competitive gamers. The purchasing price was not disclosed by Roblox. The agreement appears to be another step toward Roblox's ambition of building the metaverse, a realm of interconnected virtual worlds, as depicted in novels such as Ready Player One and Snow Crash.

The partnership will now compete with popular gaming chat platform Discord, as Discord's objectives have expanded outside the gaming sector, and its core product was designed to suit fewer competitive gaming needs. Users on Guilded can build and join servers for direct interaction.  The platform contains convenient features such as tiered video/audio chat and more. Guilded also allows users to build communities around online events and calendars, with plenty of specific functionality geared to ensure that competitions run smoothly.

Every Guilded server serves as a dedicated community for like-minded gamers, whether for gaming tournaments or to connect players under one game. Many game developers also set up their servers to provide real-time updates on the studio's progress. This recent acquisition comes just after users discovered the Roblox Talent Hub; a new professional networking experience created directly on the Roblox platform. The Talent Hub, similar to other networking sites such as LinkedIn, is intended to enable Roblox developers to communicate with one another more effortlessly for certain work demands.

It is unknown whether or not Roblox studios will transition its data and workspace from Discord to Guilded. As of now, many studios have developed passionate communities on Discord, thus the transition to a new social platform may take some time for Guilded to have an impact on the broader platform.

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