Richard Branson Celebrates Virgin Galactic’s First Flight

Aug, 2021 - By SMI

Richard Branson Celebrates Virgin Galactic’s First Flight

Branson’s midair speech was impossible because the signal cut in and out, yet the airship proved more reliable in concern with the safety of the passengers.

Including Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin Galactic, the ship has successfully taken its first flight along with some other passengers. The event was a site day for journalists and staff members at Spaceport America in New Mexico, with a Khalid set and a hero walk in the early hours by Branson and his crew. ‘Think of a world in which people of all ethnicities, sexes, kinds, backgrounds and ages have access to space, welcome to new age of space travel’ said Branson. The assumption is certainly somewhat presumptuous as the world is still some distance away, but this is indeed a historic flight in the new generation industry of space travel.

Currently, leisure travelers are still an elite class, but the incidents of the day imply that the world is closer to seeing this change than ever before. The festivities started with delay in actual space launch style after a very early day as the space shuttle to the Spaceport opted to leave at 2:45 AM. The crew did not roll out the spacecraft because of the thunderstorm all night, which they believed could or could not get wet. Nothing like ice formation from water in or on the chassis could be neglected at the temperature and speed involved.

Branson’s personal guest list along with some VIPs, employees and some students arrived soon. Elon Musk was also seen at the venue, probably to congratulate the fellow billionaire. At 8:40, Eve was on the wheels, waiting on the earth as it ascended to approximately 36,000 ft. unity disconnected and initiated its ascent at 9:24 AM and reached Mach 3, two minutes later it reached the peak altitude of approximately 282.000ft as planned. The crew members that included Branson, Beth Moses, Colin Bennett and Sirisha Bandla enjoyed microgravity for a couple of minutes that they seemed to have utilized gainfully. Branson made speech after landing stating hid idea for the future of the Virgin Galactic.

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