Researchers Indicate Covid-19 Vaccine Is Not The End of The Story

May, 2021 - By SMI

Researchers Indicate Covid-19 Vaccine Is Not The End of The Story

Even when the approval of several vaccines provides some hope amongst the vaccines are still not the end of the fight with COVID-19 virus.

According to a study published in the Lancet Infectious Disease journal on March 18, 2021, researchers state that vaccination alone will not bring an end to the infection. The data suggests that there is some chance of the COVID-19 virus evolving with time and thus evading from the protection provided by the vaccines. The data from various countries showcased the variety of ways in which different countries faced the pandemic. Various countries have faced unequal impacts that have resulted in unequal responses to the COVID pandemic. The data also specifies about how the social distancing strategies are reducing the spread of the virus in different regions.

Scientists suggest that people should consider moving on to a new phase of pandemic where the stress is towards the need to get accustomed to the government-implemented restrictions, which are effective as well as tolerable. It is most likely that more restrictions will be enforced in future to tackle COVID-19 as well as the other pandemics. This new norm of living can be achieved by working from remote as far as the work life is concerned, which would in turn structure the modern workplace accordingly. This type of work-life is expected to benefit both the employees and the employers. Another industry, which will see a long-term impact is the travel industry. People would have to wear face coverings while transiting to places, preventing overcrowding at public places would be a point of focus as well. However international travel would see a more serious scrutiny as far as safety of people is concerned.

People should be accustomed to the fact that frequent lockdowns are also a part of the new norm apart from other restrictions. Researchers thus suggest that people should be prepared to return into their lives with a new norm, which indicates ‘living with restrictions for the foreseeable future’.

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