Researchers Discover Safe, Non-invasive Way to Regulate Blood Sugar in Animal Models

Dec, 2020 - By SMI

Researchers Discover Safe, Non-invasive Way to Regulate Blood Sugar in Animal Models

According to a new study, researchers from the University of Iowa have reported to discover a new way to regulate blood sugar levels, which is safe and non-invasive method. The research was conducted on diabetic mice model. Moreover, researchers explained that combination of static electric and magnetic fields for a few hours per day applied on diabetic mice, two major features of type 2 diabetes was observed to be normalized.

Calvin Carter stated, “We've built a remote control to manage diabetes. Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) for relatively short periods reduces blood sugar and normalizes the body's response to insulin. The effects are long-lasting, opening the possibility of an EMF therapy that can be applied during sleep to manage diabetes all day.”

Moreover, researchers highlighted that electromagnetic fields change the oxidants and antioxidants balance in the liver, thereby enhancing body's reaction to insulin. Researchers also mentioned that the collective wireless application of static magnetic and electric fields regulated blood sugar level in three different mouse models with type 2 diabetes.  In addition, researchers highlighted about the theory about quantum biological phenomenon by which EMFs interrelate with specific molecules, which act like tiny magnetic antenna in body that further enables a biological response to EMFs. These molecules are oxidant and the action of an oxidant molecule is known as superoxide, which play a role in type 2 diabetes.

The research findings also suggests that EMFs modify the signaling of superoxide molecules, majorly in the liver, which further results in sustained activation of an antioxidant response to rebalance the body's redox set point and its response towards insulin. Researchers further noted that they are currently focusing on working on a larger animal model to observe the whether there is similar effect of EMFs on an animal that have similarity to humans.

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