Researchers Develop New Method to Detect Internal Temperature of the Body

Nov, 2021 - By SMI

Researchers Develop New Method to Detect Internal Temperature of the Body

A team of researchers from RUDN University have developed a method through which cancer and other diseases can be detected by measuring the temperature inside the body.

Diseases such as arthritis, cancers, and others change the temperature of the body. So, in order to diagnose these diseases one method is to detect a temperature change in the body. For instance, infrared pyrometer is used to detect temperature change on the surface of the skin. However, it is not possible to measure the temperature inside the body accurately without causing damage to the skin. In this study, the researchers designed a radiothermography method for detecting temperature inside the body. The researchers tried to explain about the possibility of 3D visualization of the internal thermal field of a person. They monitored the temperature dynamics of a heat point source inside the body of a person. For this study, the researchers suggested a method, device, and a software that can find the exact point of increased heat accurately inside the body. The researchers added that they installed a small antenna on the surface of the body that is able to measure the internal temperature accurately. The patients are given an aqueous glucose solution which gets quickly absorbed in the blood and is carried through the cells. As a result of this, it is observed that the temperature of the body increases evenly by one to two-tenths of a degree. The researchers explained that the temperature rises sharply for a few minutes if there is a malignant formation somewhere within the body. This change in temperature is detected by the device.

The researchers concluded that the benefits of the radiothermograph can be confirmed only after clinical tests. The new radiothermograph can prove to be advantageous for understanding the detailed analysis of the brain and even can help in detecting various brain pathologies at an early stage.

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