Research group from Glasgow University unveils 3D holographic projection with sensing abilities

Oct, 2021 - By SMI

Research group from Glasgow University unveils 3D holographic projection with sensing abilities

The system of hologram uses aerohaptics which creates feelings of touch with small air jets. They give a touch sense on one’s finger, wrists and hands.

The system might be enhanced to allow users to meet a virtual avatar of a person on the opposite side and sense the handshake in real-time. It could be the initial steps towards constructing a holodeck. The researchers employ readily accessible parts to integrate computer-generated graphics with precisely controlled and directed air jets to achieve this sense of touch.

Controlling a virtual item cannot provide the same sensation as touching two individuals. The inclusion of an artificial touch sensation could provide an additional dimension without requiring the use of gloves to sense objects and hence seems more natural. The study employs graphics that create the impression of a three-dimensional virtual image. Without the need for any additional equipment, the method employs mirrors and glass to make a 2D image appear to hover in space. And the only thing giving us sensory feedback is air.

The system's mirrors are organized in a pyramid configuration with one open side. Users interact with computer-generated graphics that seem to float freely in space inside pyramid by putting their hands through the open side. The visuals were developed and managed by a game software known as Unity platform, that is commonly used in videogames to build 3D graphics and space. A sensor that records the movements of users' fingers and hands is located directly below the pyramid, is an air nozzle that guides jets of air towards them to generate touch senses. Electronic hardware programmed to manage nozzle movements directs the total system. The researchers built an algorithm that allowed the air nozzle to modify its angle and force in response to the users' hand motions.

The researchers hope that as the system improves, it will find use in a wide range of industries. The primary benefit is that it allows for more engaging video gaming with no need for expensive gear, but it can also allow for more realistic teleconferencing.

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