Relation Betwixt Nutrition and Sleep

May, 2022 - By SMI

Relation Betwixt Nutrition and Sleep

There are few best and worst food habits to be included and avoided for the better health and standard rest

The food that people consume the whole year has a large impact on the quality and standard of sleep. There are few ways that nutritionist suggest to adopt for a healthy lifestyle and a better sleep quality. It is an in general point that people can relate is a relation between the improved health and nutritious diet. A healthy lifestyle leads to the reduction of several ill health measures. It also decreases the chronic diseases such as mellitus type 2, cardiovascular diseases. Which create a positive impact on the mood and enhances the energy and provides a good and quality sleep. Better sleep and conscious and nutritious eating go along aside and combine well with each other. Eating wrong and unhealthy foods that too at wrong time may be very dangerous for the health. A better sleep leads to the improved and better working of physical and cognitive health.

An expert suggestion reveals that an individual should evenly get 7-9 hours of sleep perfectly every day. NREM and REM are the two stages of sleep. One should get an adequate sleep and lack of proper sleep may lead to several health problems such as cardiovascular attack, overweight, hypertension, bad memory and lower immune system. Unhygienic and unhealthy food that is too close to bed time may lead to bad sleep. Any of the health problems can effect health very severely. Experts suggest some of the do’s and don’ts to follow for a better sleep and hearty well-being. One should have a balanced diet in the time of dinner and it should contain high fiber, protein and carb sources. One should consume food three to four hours before the sleep time. And also should include serotonin food in the diet. People should avoid the consumption of caffeine and desserts at night time. And should eat a bit early for a better digestion.

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