Prostate Cancer Can be detected in Seconds with AI Tool

Aug, 2021 - By SMI

Prostate Cancer Can be detected in Seconds with AI Tool

Even before patients experience symptoms, a newly developed AI tool can help diagnose prostate cancer.

Consistence artificial intelligence advances promise to excite medical attention by all sorts of ways, in ability of scanning medical images and identifying signs of illness much more efficiently than the doctors. With their software, scientists in Australia have now adapted this technology with their skilled radiologists, to detect cancer growth in seconds. Early detection can greatly improve the available treatments and consequently the chances of surmounting them in many medical conditions. Improving machine learning and computer power lead to extremely eager, in this regard invaluable, forms of Artificial Intelligence.

There are many AI tools that enhance the ability of an ECG to disclose heart dysfunction, better predict ovarian cancer survival, and calculate diabetes risk through measuring cardiac fat. Researchers at the RMIT and St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, which began with CT Scans of asymptomatic patients with or without prostate cancer, provide the latest examples of this. The researchers observed that the CT scans are generally beneficial in detecting diseases such as bone and articulation, but they can be difficult to be used by radiologists to detect cancer. The CT scans have provided the AI software with training in search for disease indicatory abnormalities. With each scan, the tool developed, reined its skills and adopted scans from various machines to finally detect the smallest of the disease characteristics. In time it was able, even before the patients had symptoms, to surpass radiologists and identify cancerous growth in seconds.

The researchers state that the technology can be adopted for a wide range of diagnostic devices such as MRI devices. The researchers hope that it can be used as a type of integrated CT screening tool that involves high radiation doses and is henceforth not appropriate for usual cancer screening. If a patient has a CT scan for another reason, the AI tool can be used to simultaneously screen them for cancer. Scientific reports published this research.

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