Pollution Has Spiked Again After Relaxing Lockdown Restrictions

Mar, 2021 - By SMI

Pollution Has Spiked Again After Relaxing Lockdown Restrictions

According to a new evidence, people around the world created more greenhouse gas emissions in December 2020, than they did even before pandemic.

It's an indication that the decrease in emissions caused by the pandemic was just temporary, and that carbon dioxide emissions are already rising. As during the lockdown the pollution level decreased at a very large level. According to the International Energy Agency, CO2 emissions from energy usage around the world were 2% higher in December 2020 than they were in the same month in 2020, this shows that the pollution increased even after imposing lockdown. China, the world's largest CO2 emitter, saw an increase in emissions toward the end of 2020 as well. Some major economies are estimated to be responsible for the increase in pollution. According to the International Energy Agency, China's carbon dioxide emissions increased by 0.8 percent last year. They discovered that China's emissions increased by 1.5 percent in 2020 compared to 2019, with the increase owing primarily to a drive to jump-start the country's pandemic-slowed economy with highly polluting industries such as construction and heavy manufacturing.

To achieve the Paris Agreement’s target of keeping climate change well below 2 ° C above pre-industrial levels, pollution must continue to fall gradually and rapidly. According to leading climate scientists, avoiding further serious harm includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero by the middle of the century. Leading climate scientists believe that reducing greenhouse gas emissions to practically zero by the middle of the century is the best way to prevent more serious damage. Even though this is practically not possible, people can try to reduce the temperature as much as they can. The increasing temperature if not stopped then it will be of serious damage to the human and people will also not be able to adopt to the change in such short amount of time.

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