Pokemon Go Maker Is Working On AR Glasses

Apr, 2021 - By SMI

Pokemon Go Maker Is Working On AR Glasses

Niantic Chief Executive Officer Hanke has released a teaser for the firm's first (AR) augmented reality glasses.

The firm, best known for creating Pokemon Go, have been heavily involved in the AR space. The release only managed to show a part of the AR glasses and makes no mention of how theses glasses will function. Niantic is known for inventing augmented reality games such as Ingress, Harry Potter and Pokemon Go. Wizards Unite. In addition, Niantic is collaborating with Nintendo to create an Augmented Reality based smartphone game for the famous puzzle adventure game Pikmin. Hanke said in a twitter post that it is very good to look at the development they are making to introduce innovative types of equipment that leverage their stage. However, the release, do not give any additional information about the software developer's glasses. Pokemon Go was released in July 2016 and since then has grown in popularity. It was not like other Pokemon games that had previously been launched, and it had huge numbers of people out and about attempting to grab Pokemons located in actual places.

As per the report of the Sensor Tower data, the game earned $3.6 billion during the first 4 years of its release. Due to the emergence of Covid-19, Pokemon Go recently changed its gameplay to make it more suitable for staying at home. Participants can now virtually meet their friends for a Pokemon raid, and the Adventure Sync function now counts their steps even when they are at home. Niantic and Nintendo confirmed a future collaboration to create more augmented reality based games. Niantic made its debut by introducing its line of augmented reality based games with Ingress, a location-based game that enables users to communicate with portals near their real-world location. The new improved version of the game has improved visuals and bug fixes.

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