Pesticide Can Cause Long-time Kidney Disease

Mar, 2022 - By SMI

Pesticide Can Cause Long-time Kidney Disease

A study in University of Queensland states that some commonly used pesticides can cause long-time kidney disease.

Researchers at University of Queensland examined links between pesticides exposure and kidney disfunction risks among 41,847 people. For this study researchers analysed the data from the USA National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Dr. Nicholas Osborne (School of Public Health Associate Professor) said that the 25% of people in Australia had higher risk of kidney disfunction due to exposure of higher amount of the Malathion pesticide which is also known as Maldison. Malathion is licensed for use in agriculture, home, and public recreation as part of the mosquito and fruit fly eradication program, and can also be found in the treatment of certain head lice.

Dr. Osborne said, “In developed countries one out of ten people shows the signs of long-time kidney disease, which permanently damages kidney and reduces kidney functions.” Hypertension, diabetes, and age are the endangerment of Long-time Kidney Disease. In developing countries like Sri Lanka, Mesoamerica, and India; Long-time Kidney Disease is on the rise for no apparent reason. Initially, the situation was suspected to be related to the agricultural workplace through dehydration, agrochemicals, heat stress, heavy metals, and pesticide spraying. However, environmental contaminants, herbal medicines, and potentially heavy metal pesticide residues can also cause long-time kidney disease.

The reason of long-time kidney disease is still unknown but spraying pesticides without PPE and working in contaminated soil have been assumed as possible contact routes. Dr. Osborne said, “The University of Queens was provided the first evidence of link between Malathion and risk of kidney health in people.” The results of the research suggest that we should limit exposure to pesticides, even in small doses, as prolonged exposure can have negative health effects. It will continue to study whether other pesticides may be involved. Researchers are planning to collect data on the behavior of Sri Lankan farmers to check their amount of exposure to pesticides.

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