Persistent Brain Fog and Other Neurological Symptoms Post COVID-19 Recovery May Indicate PTSD, Study Suggests

Dec, 2020 - By SMI

Persistent Brain Fog and Other Neurological Symptoms Post COVID-19 Recovery May Indicate PTSD, Study Suggests

A new study led by the researchers of University of California have suggested that  persistent ‘brain fog’ and other neurological symptoms after recovering from COVID-19 might be result of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and this effect is observed in preceding human coronavirus outbreaks including SARS and MERS. Researchers informed that some people who have recovered from COVID-19 encounter lasting difficulties in concentration, fatigue or sleep disruptions, headaches, and anxiety, and in this cases most of the patients fear that the infection resulted in permanent damage in their brains.

Dr. Levine stated, “The idea is to raise awareness among neuropsychologists that PTSD is something you might want to consider when evaluating persistent cognitive and emotional difficulties among COVID- 19 survivors. If we identify a psychiatric illness during our evaluation, and if we believe that condition's symptoms are interfering with their ability to perform at their best, we would want that treated first, and then retest them once it's under control.”

Furthermore, researchers also suggested that if the symptoms are appropriate for a psychiatric condition such as PTSD, it can be controlled with the help of the treatment, and will also provide a clear opinion on any underlying issues in brain. In addition, researchers also mentioned that if these symptoms continue for months or years after the original injury, it might be due to the incidence of a psychiatric disorder.

Additionally, researchers also mentioned that considering COVID-19 scenario, PTSD symptoms might increase in patients, owing to in response to the invasive measures in the treatment of patients such as, ventilation and intubation, which can be traumatic for some patients. However, many treatments are available for the disorder such as psychotherapy and medications. Researchers concluded that further studies are going on to get a more clear vision on direct neurological effects of COVID-19 in patients.

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