Pentagon Green Lights the Deployment of COVID-19 Vaccination Teams

Mar, 2021 - By SMI

Pentagon Green Lights the Deployment of COVID-19 Vaccination Teams

Since January, the Pentagon has already deployed around 25 vaccinations teams of 4,500 members across the U.S. to cope-up with the vaccination demand.

On February 15, 2021, the Pentagon has approved to deploy 20 military vaccination teams across the U.S. As per the reports from the Pentagon headquarters, around 20 teams have been allotted to travel various regions of U.S. under the vaccination program. More deployment of teams can be expected from Pentagon as it targets to make 100 teams with almost 20,000 troops in the near future. These teams will mainly include duty forces as demanded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In last week, Pentagon approved five teams for the vaccination with one of it already deployed in the country. So far, the Pentagon department has deployed a total of 25 vaccination teams with 4,500 active members across the U.S. to help the federals to run the vaccination sites. These teams are expected to provide vaccinations to the citizens from February 16 but they will not be scheduling appointments for further days.

Back in late January, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Pentagon were discussing on a deal that aimed to inoculate around 450,000 COVID-19 patients per day with the help of military. The deal involved the deployment of troops at various vaccination centers across the U.S. with all the operations running by February 26. The recent approvals of vaccine teams is the part of the same deal. The deployment plans are dependent on the quantity of doses required for each state which has been increasing since the execution of plan. Earlier this month, President Joe Biden had announced to increase the vaccine deliveries on weekly basis to various states according to their demands. The COVID-19 vaccine supply in the U.S. has increased from 8 million doses to at least 10 million doses per week.

The Pentagon has confirmed that more vaccination sites will be deployed and will be operational once more doses are delivered.

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