Nutrigenomics can be the Future of Eating Habits

Jun, 2021 - By SMI

Nutrigenomics can be the Future of Eating Habits

Nutrigenomics is relatively a new field, which gain the mainstream acceptance and some nutritionist believe this is the future of dietary counseling.

Nutrigenomics is the study of the connection between nutrition, genomics and health. The field which contains together the study of how the body reacts to macronutrients and micro and also the correlation between single genes and single food composite connections. This field is also known as “nutrigenetics”.

Nutrigenomics states to how nutrients impact the body to express genes and on the other hand nutrigenetics speak of to how the body will responds to nutrients because of the present genetic makeup. Through the history of genetic nutrition it is still in its early stages, the idea that the gene occur in the body determines as the best diet.

British Physician, Archibald Garrod is qualified with establishing a connection between genetics, nutrition, and phenotype. The project of Human Genome which planned out the DNA of the people, surfaced the way for the modern era of nutrigenomic. Along with these in various studies it is inspected that the impact of genes on the body reaction to diet, just as the opposite way around.

Presently, it is common for the medical practitioner to use genetic testing to measure patients’ nutritional needs and set customized health goals. Genomic testing is beneficial for someone wanting to be proactive about their health. According to Andrea Chernus, dietician and certified genomic in medical clinician that genomic testing can help in explaining the existing situations for a patient to explain the style of eating. By looking at this genetic makeup, the doctor advice the people on certain eating patterns which may work or may not. Along these lines in different investigations it is inspected that the quality impact on the body reaction to abstain from food, just as the opposite way around.

A nutrigenomic test can also expose the personal sources of both the macro and micronutrients. Possibly the body unable to use optimally omega-3 fatty acids from the plant sources or having trouble converting sunshine into vitamin D. On the bases of this information an individual can assist oneself on which food to eat.

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