Novel Handheld Robot With AI System Helps Stop Fatal Bleeding

May, 2022 - By SMI

Novel Handheld Robot With AI System Helps Stop Fatal Bleeding

The new AI guided handheld ultrasound intervention device helps various users to deliver difficult intervention at the point of injury and is considered a lifesaving technology

A group of researchers at MIT developed a novel handheld robotic device that is capable of helping minimally trained responders to manage or control fatal internal bleeding at the point of traumatic injury as it helps responders to insert a catheter and needle into major blood vessels in the victim’s body.

The researchers at MIT developed a solution for responders with varying medical experience, with which even minimally trained responders can treat such cases. The team developed an AI guided ultrasound intervention device (AI-GUIDE) that combines machine learning algorithms, ultrasound imaging and robotics to guide responders to insert a catheter into the femoral blood vessels. The responders are required to place AI-GUIDE on the thigh of the patient along the spot where the abdomen and leg meet. With the use of ultrasound, the device shows a target on display guiding the responder to exact location. When the responder reaches the target, they are required to pull the trigger and a needle which is attached to the guide wire is pressed into blood vessel. The guide wire is pushed by the responder to guiding the catheter that can deliver medicines, fluids microsurgical instruments, or inflatable balloons for controlling the bleeding.

As per the team, the AI-GUIDE performs the entire operation through machine learning. With this system the responder can use the device without requiring to see the images. The responders are provided with easy ultrasound symbols. The subjects with different amount of medical experience successfully inserted the guide wire in tests involving human tissue and blood vessel model, and also sedated pigs, in a minute having only two minutes of training with verbal instructions.

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