Normothermic Perfusion Machine: New View on Nephrology

Aug, 2022 - By SMI

Normothermic Perfusion Machine:  New View on Nephrology

To flush blood loaded with an enzyme through the defunct kidney, a normothermic perfusion machine was recently developed. This equipment connects with a human kidney and passes oxygenated blood through it to better preserve it for use in the future.

It is not possible to transplant a kidney from an A blood type recipient to a B blood type recipient or opposite. However, switching to the universal blood type O, which may be utilized for individuals of any blood group, will enable more transplants to be performed.  This finding may have significant ramifications for kidney patients. As a result of the project, there may be a greater supply of kidneys accessible for transplant, especially among ethnic minorities where the bulk of donated kidneys are not likely to match.

A kidney is connected to a normothermic perfusion system, oxygenated blood into the organ to better preserve it for use in the future. To pass an enzyme-infused blood via a dead kidney. The kidney was transformed to the most prevalent O type as a result of the enzyme acting like "molecular scissors" to eliminate the blood type antigens that line the blood channels of the organ.  The method is then possible. In order to use the enzyme on human kidneys, the project had to be scaled up. The researchers observed in a matter of hours that had changed a B type kidney into an O type to B type human kidneys and pumping the enzyme into the organ using our normothermic prefusion equipment.

The Cambridge researchers must determine how to what extent the recently modified O-type kidney will respond to a patient's typical blood type in their regular blood supply. They can do this without first doing tests on humans thanks to the perfusion machine, which allows the researchers to take kidneys that have been modified to be O kinds and use it to introduce other blood types and observe kidney may about reaction, replicating the process of donation into the body. The study will give minority populations who are still in need of organ transplants so much hope, and it may even save far more lives.

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