New Yet Strange Headphones Come With Built-In Air Purifier

May, 2022 - By SMI

New Yet Strange Headphones Come With Built-In Air Purifier

Dyson’s first wearable product that has air purification system in-built into a Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones are developed for avoiding polluted air in cities

Dyson a household appliance company introduced its first wearable product that comprises the air purification expertise of the company in a set of Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones designed to target people in the cities who want to avoid polluted air. The new headphones are developed after six years of development and numerous prototypes and are called the Zone.

Few years back Dyson filed a patent for an early iteration of its new headphones, The Zone. These headphones are a fusion of an air-purifier that can strapped to the face and noise-cancelling headphones. A visor that works as air purifier shoots jets of purified air on the nose and mouth of the wearer. The earcups consist compressors that suck in surrounding air and filter out particles and allergens of size 0.1 microns. The headphones feature four modes of air purification, low, medium, high and auto. It also feature three settings of noise-cancellation. The isolations mode is designed for blocking out all environmental noise and is the strongest mode. With transparency mode some of the external sound is fed in in order to keep the wearer aware of other noises.

Furthermore, the headphones feature a conversation mode that is automatically activated when the air-purifying visor is put away from mouth of the wearer and it disables the air purification systems to amplify conversation. There are many details of these new headphones that remain unclear such as battery life and weight. However, the product is expected to be available in the market in coming few months. Cost of the product is also not announced however such products are unlikely to come at cheap prices.

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