New Testing of SpaceX Starship to Take Off This Week

Feb, 2021 - By SMI

New Testing of SpaceX Starship to Take Off This Week

Founded by Elon Musk in 2002, the SpaceX has a continuous spree of space operations in its accumulating record. SN9, the latest proto-type from the company is scheduled to launch on January 13th.

SpaceX has been the top choice for NASA to dispatch their cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) since 2006. The previous model, SN8, took flight in December 2020. The Starship lost its control at a height of 12,192 meters due to its longitudinal position as a result of lost pressure in the CH4 Header Tank. The height achieved by the ship was same as that of a commercial jet. It had to attempt a reverse landing blown up in the process with an explosion. However, it was considered a success by the company due to the height it had reached.

To recuperating this, SpaceX is back with amendments of the faults in SN8 Starship. Backed up by Elon Musk’s statement, “Production is Hard, Prototypes are Easy”, the company took no time in executing the work on the next Starship. Thanking the SN8 Starship, now scientists have a clear idea of working in that direction and eliminating their faults. SN9 Starship has undergone an extensive static fire testing of Raptor Engines few days prior to its launch. This launch will be another attempt at testing by SpaceX to exceed the altitude milestone that was achieved by SN8.  Besides the iterated design and ambient test, the company has also done a series of checks to ensure high-aviation and safe landing of the Starship.

Along with SN9 Starship, the SN10 prototype will also be underway this month. It will be the first-time for SpaceX to launch two of its Starships in a single month. But all the attention is on SN9’s performance taking place at Texas, US.

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